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 Take part and learn about the the rich culture and heritage of Palestine and it’s people:

  • Palestinian wedding: Attend a Palestinian wedding hosted by Bayt, whilst admiring bridal wear from 1900.

  • Dabke: Hear those bold steps and see those energetic moves from Palestinian group Hakaya and Fatafeet.

  • Darbuka workshop: Palestinian artist Simona Abdallah will teach you how to play the darbuka drum in this fun workshop.

  • Vase: Paint an oversized Palestinian patterned ceramic. 

  • Bedouin coffee workshop: Love coffee? This one is for you. Learn how to make the rich Bedouin Palestinian coffee in traditional seating area.

  • Artifacts: Rugs, Cushions, tribal jewellery and ancient instruments will show the historical culture of Palestine.

  • Date picking: Palm trees in London? Pick tasty Palestinian dates from Palm trees.

  • Olive trees: Find the real olive trees scattered around Palestine Expo to give you an insight into how important they are in Palestine.

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