Interactive Zone


Using the latest technology to create interactive and memorable experiences, the interactive zone is the perfect space for learning and entertainment.

-       Sensory room with features that allow you to experience 1948’s catastrophe ‘Nakba’.  A darkened room focuses your visual senses on a screen displaying images from Nakba, transporting you back to the Nakba. The all-encompassing sounds draw you wholly into the scene, preparing you for the sensory delights on the rest of the interactive floor.

-       An interactive map is unprecedented as it uses the latest augmented reality (AR) technology. The map scene will show you how Palestine has disappeared over the years, and is especially created for Palestine Expo. Using a flat display and iPads to interact with the map helps you to gain a genuine understanding of the territory lost, as well as the growing occupation, including visuals and information on the checkpoints, the separation wall, and the growing number of illegal Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land.

-       An interactive timeline on a specially designed wall provides the dramatic backdrop, enlightening you with 100 years of Palestinian history. Using the latest technology to engage you with the facts in an entertaining way. Highlighting 6 key points in Palestinian history, you have the option to watch video footage, see images and read information through individual iPad interaction.

-       Our newsroom has a spectacular backdrop of Westminster Abbey and digital recording equipment. Palestine Expo is asking our visitors to send live messages of support to Palestine. 

-       Finger painting – leave your fingerprint on Pal Expo – literally!  We are asking our visitors to get a bit messy and make a lasting memory. Have your own fingerprint be a part of a giant mural painting, creating an emblem for future Palestine Expos.

-       An authentic UN tent, that is used by Palestinians who have faced house demolitions will be hosted by two Palestinian grandmothers. These ladies have direct personal experience and connection to the history of Palestine, all the way back to Balfour, that encompasses the spirit of Palestine Expo. Their presentation will describe what the occupation means for women in Palestine.

-       A water disparity moving installation will give a clear visual representation of the shockingly unequal distribution of shared water resources between Palestinians and Israelis.  Understand how little water Palestinians have to survive on.

-       Short silent film screening awakens your visual senses.

-       Models of Al-Aqsa sanctuary that represent important moments in its history. One from the reign of Ali, another from the Ummayad period, and a third from the current day.  A scholar will speak detailing the history of each.