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Learn how the occupation impacts daily lives through ten exclusively built interactive pieces:

  • BDS: Have a go at knocking down apartheid in a game of BDS bowling.

  • Education: what obstacles will you face on your journey to school? Walk towards the oversized book to find out.

  • Child prisoners: See what state a child’s bedroom is left in after Israeli troops arrest them during a night raid.

  • Water: Fill up the buckets and watch the scale tip when measuring water disparity between Israel & Palestine.

  • Checkpoints: Walk with the most vulnerable Palestinians who pass through checkpoints daily. Will you be able to answer their questions?

  • Apartheid wall: See how you interact with your family during a meal with the Apartheid wall cutting through the dinner table. A symbol of how families are separated by the wall.

  • Settlements: 3D settlements placed on the  disappearing maps will show you the density and increase of Israeli settlements over time.

  • Sport in Palestine: Score some goals and have a kick about in the football area where you can learn how occupation restricts the beautiful game.

  • A&E in Gaza: Feeling unwell? Visit doctors in the Gaza hospital and see the difference in treatment Palestinians receive. 

  • UN tent: Hear personal stories from three generations on the impact of the Nakba and importance of the Right to Return. Set in a 1948 UN tent.

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