Palestine Expo 2017
The first Palestine Expo held in 2017 at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Centre in Westminster was a phenomenal success which attracted over 15,000 visitors making Palestine Expo the biggest event of its kind.

The visitors numbered from a diverse range of backgrounds, illustrating the broad support for Palestinian rights in the UK and Friends of Al-Aqsa’s capacity to produce a monumental and definitive event. 

By hosting Palestine Expo on such a grand scale in London, a major world hub for culture, activism and international affairs it rightly positioned Palestine to be celebrated like any other nation.

The two-day pioneering event had over 70 exhibitors and over 80 speakers, including leading academics, political figures and prominent commentators. It used innovative technology as a form of dynamic education about the experiences of Palestinians.

Palestine Expo created the much needed space to network, organise, and debate the future direction of pro-Palestine activism. This inspired #GenerationPalestine, the generation which has shown unprecedented support for the Palestinian people and taken their activism to university campuses, party conferences, places of worship and every part of civil society.

The event received an array of national and international print, broadcast and online media coverage including Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Middle East Monitor and The Times.

Marketing and Advertising

Our effective advertising campaign involved over 200 full sized billboards across the London underground. Advertisements we also prominent in several multinational retailers and over 1000 independent retailers across London and major UK cities.

Palestine Expo also ran television adverts on community channels and newspaper adverts it local papers two weeks prior to the event.