Friends of Al-Aqsa are excited to announce the return of Palestine Expo. We will be delivering another spectacular and ground-breaking experience that can accommodate over 10,000 visitors. Palestine Expo 2019 will be held at London Venue on the 6th and 7th July 2019. 

Palestine Expo 2019 will be an exciting and immersive event which will also help build awareness, deepen understanding and inspire new generations to keep Palestine at the forefront.   

The conference floor will host 5 rooms and over 50 leading speakers including, musicians, authors, prominent campaigners, scholars and political figure. Speakers will be discussing a wide range of topics from music to history and the arms trade.

The shopping quarter will feature 30 handpicked stalls ranging from pro-Palestinian merchandise, Palestinian fashion, art and beauty products.

Visitors will also be able to purchase a range of Palestinian food including kunafa and fresh falafel.

Palestine Expo 2019 will feature six specially commissioned installation based on the successful ‘injustice illustrated’ booklet. Each installation will immerse visitors in the harsh daily reality of the occupation. Accompanied with a short talk.

Other Highlights:


Visitors can watch the bold steps of the dabke folk dance which signifies unity and strength, synonymous with Palestine’s proud history and culture. Visitors will also get the chance to learn and participate in dabke.

We will also be showcasing a 2M x 4M model of al Aqsa sanctuary made only from recycled materials, to signify the ongoing need for preservation of sacred spaces. This will be accompanied with live talks and fun quizzes about Al Aqsa mosque. 


Palestinian Grandmothers will recount their personal stories from a reconstructed 1948 UN refugee tent, giving accounts of their expulsion from their homes along with 750,000 other Palestinian refugees.

Visitors can walk into a recreation of a Palestinian A&E to see how different their treatment and experience as a patient is under the strains of occupation, compared to when they visit their local UK hospital.

Smell & Taste

Palestinian Mothers will reveal the secrets of everyday Palestinian cooking in our Live Kitchen, showcasing authentic Palestinian food that visitors will be able to sample.

The indoor garden will be a space for visitors to come relax and breathe in the smell of nature. Real olive trees, a bed of Palestine’s national flower and a life size palm tree with tasty Palestinian dates to pick at will make this the perfect green oasis.


Visitors can get a feel for one of Palestine’s beautiful instruments in the Oud Workshop where they will learn to play a traditional folk song. 

Using a 60 inch touchscreen interactive map, visitors can learn about the situation in Palestine by selecting different aspects of the occupation to see it pop up into animation form.

Palestine Expo 2019 will be a fun, family day out providing visitors with a unique immersive experience. Palestine Expo will be a chance to bring people together to celebrate Palestine like never before on the 6th and 7th of July 2019.